Zhang Shuqi, the third-generation inheritor of the Zhang Family’s craftsmanship, remains committed to lantern making.
First made in the early Ming Dynasty, Chashan dolls were very popular in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties to the early Republic years.
People here call fishermen “Danmin”, and their songs are called Xianshui Songs.
Puppet Plays become famous in the Guangxu years of the Qing Dynasty. Yemen, a farmer in Shengtang village from Dalang town bought a set of puppets from Fujia...
Dongguan Muyu Songs are included in the third group of Guangdong non-material heritage and the third group of national non-material heritage. They are mostly...
"Qixi Gong'an" is the offering during the Qiqiao Festival (on te seventh day of the seventh lunar month every year). It is also the centerpiece for showcasin...
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